Tramadol is an opioid medication that your doctor can prescribe. It should only be used when other non-opioid pain relief methods have failed to relieve pain or are not tolerated. Tramadol is not typically prescribed for the treatment of chronic (ongoing) pain. Learn more about Tramadol and where to Buy Tramadol Online.

What is the mechanism of action of tramadol?

Tramadol acts directly on opioid receptors in the central nervous system, reducing pain sensations by interfering with the way nerves communicate pain between the brain and the body.

What are the possible tramadol side effects?

All opioids, including tramadol, can have life-threatening side effects, including breathing problems. These are more likely to occur when you first start taking tramadol after a dosage increase, if you are older, or if you already have a lung problem.

Tramadol’s side effects are similar to those of other opioids, and they include:

  • sleepiness /constipation
  • sweating /fatigue
  • Headache

What are the possible side effects of tramadol?

Opioids are powerful pain relievers that can cause life-threatening breathing problems. Even if you take tramadol exactly as prescribed by your doctor, you may develop a dependence on it. To reduce your risk of harm, your doctor will monitor how you use tramadol, including misuse, abuse, and addiction.

When you take tramadol, you may develop tolerance, which means you will need to take more of the opioid to achieve the same effect. Continue to take tramadol as directed by your doctor.

Tramadol may impair your ability to drive or operate heavy machinery. If you have recently begun taking tramadol or another opioid medication, or have changed your dosage, you may be more likely to have an accident.

Appointment with doctor

Consult your doctor if tramadol is not effectively controlling your pain or if you experience any new or unexpected side effects. Your doctor may begin you on a low tramadol dose and gradually increase the amount of medication you take, no more frequently than every 3 days if you are taking the solution, regular tablets, or orally disintegrating tablets, or every 5 days if you are taking the extended-release tablets or extended-release capsules.

If you’re taking the solution, measure out the correct amount of liquid for each dose with an oral syringe, measuring spoon, or cup. Do not measure your dose with a regular household spoon. If you need assistance obtaining or using a measuring device, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

How do I safely dispose of medications?

It is critical to properly dispose of unwanted opioid medications — unused medications can be returned to any pharmacy. Keeping unused tramadol ‘just in case’ can lead to inappropriate use.

Keep tramadol away from children and pets. Never throw medications in the trash or flush them down the toilet; doing so is hazardous to others and harmful to the environment.

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