Can I buy medicines online safely from online pharmacy?

We have placed utmost importance on making your payment gateways safe and secure when you buy medicine from our online pharmacy. If you come across any concerns with regards to illness, medicines, or any general query, our customer team is available 24/7 for your help. We ensure that your order of medications is dispatched carefully and reach your door within 4 hours with concealed packaging.

Why PayPal payment method is preferred over other payment mode?

The company will always strive to provide you with the top quality medications. Unfortunately, you will be able to purchase them only with a prescription, from the market. Since, you cannot purchase the medicines from the market directly. Therefore,  customer satisfaction is the top priority of our firm. In order to make the process, extremely convenient,  we recommend paying through the global payment gateway, Paypal. If you are new to the concept of Paypal, just visit, add your bank account or your debit / credit card and start paying directly using your Paypal account. The main benefit of using Paypal, is that it is 100 percent secure and  dosen’t need any sales detail, unlike your subscriptions,  recurring payments etc.

Is it safe to buy medicine online ?

Absolutely. We produce and sell top class medicines, which are 100 percent compliant with Food and Drug Authority( FDA ) standards.  Our online pharmacy is open 24 hrs and seven days a week.

Do all your pills are approved and safe?

Definitely. All our medications are tested during clinical trials, for obtaining the best results. The Food and Drug Authority, carefully approves the medicines, after thorough testing and inspections.

Is It Possible To request for refund, If there is any issue in the arrived package?

Throughout the process of development, we pay utmost attention to the quality checks and ensure that patients get the desired results. All our medicines are wrapped meticulously by our team so that it reaches your address in discreet packaging. Our company doesn’t believe in refunds once products are dispatched but during the transit, if any item gets broken or damaged, we take care of that.

Do I need a prescription to place an order?

A prescription is not required when ordering online.

Do you supply bulk orders for pain relief tablets?

Yes!  If you wish to get orders in bulk, we can deliver the product safely and conveniently to your doorstep.

Are you disinterested in purchasing medicines from fake online pharmacies?

We fully understand your reservations regarding fake online pharmacies, and wish to avoid purchasing your medicines from them.  However, we wish to reassure you, of our genuinely and authenticity. If you wish to return any product, which is wrong, or which you received late, then you just need to email us the receipt. Upon receipt, we will process the payments immediately and it will take around two to three weeks, for the amount to get credited.

What happens if my order doesn't arrive?

Although, 99% of our products are safely delivered to the customers but in case you miss out on your order, we ask for the receipt of the same order and book your new order for the same product.

How Long Does Delivery Take?

The delivery takes 4-5 business working days but in case of distant and remote areas, it might take some additional days.

How to order online at Best Sleeping Pills UK ?

The process is extremely simple. Just go to , select the medicine, add it to the online shopping cart and then click on the buy now button. Next, complete the form at checkout.

How will my order be packed?

Our company has different methods for packing the order. If the medicines are very fragile, or at the risk of spilling, then we do a special packing, so as to maintain the quality.

What happens after I place an order ?

Once, the user places an order, an order ID is generated.  The user will be able to track, reorder or cancel the order, with the assistance of order ID.  We also identify our customers, with the help of this order ID.

Will I acquire a tracking ID for my order ?

Of course. All our customers receive a tracking ID, within 24-48 hrs, for them to check the progress of the order.

What Payment Options are available ?

There are lots of payment options, such as  Bank Transfer, Paypal and ( Western Union / Bitcoin ).

Why cost is very less ?

The primary motive for our pharmacy, is to fulfil the needs of our customers and give them the best quality service, instead of making profit. We always strive to price our medicines at the minimum.

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