1) Introduction

Best Sleeping Pills UK is a top-class company, which is used to care for your family’s medical requirements. The company is available 24 hrs and 7 days a week and gives the medicine as per the doctor’s prescription. You will get the medicines at all times and in your footstep.

2) User account details are safe

Best Sleeping Pills UK has a policy of complete user account confidentiality and we will never reveal or share the information, with any third parties. Our name is the topmost trusted company, which is in the Pharma domain. The most confidential information of the user such as Contact, Username, Email, Payment Details, and Address is stored by us with the utmost care and prevention.

3) Eligibility

If you wish to use our company’s services, then you must be above eighteen years old. If any user, gives any wrong information, then he cannot order any medicines from the website. We reserve the right to deny any customer, the right to purchase medicines from our store. Our firm entertains only genuine customers and strictly discourages forging information.

4) Registration

The customer, who desires to order medicines from our website, must register with the correct information such as, the correct Address, Name, Contact Details, Personal Information, and Email Id in the database of the website. Once, you enter these details, these then get stored permanently, in the website database. If the details are accurate, then he will get timely orders. Otherwise, there is a high probability, that the order will be delayed.

5) Sale of Drugs without Prescription

We offer medication without prescription in UK at affordable prices.

6) Disclaimer: Limitation of Liability

The company provides all services, information, and products that are mentioned on the site. We do not provide any warranties, which are not given by law. The company assumes no responsibility for viruses or damages, which might infect your smartphone, laptop if you access our website.

7) Contact Us

If you need any help which is related to logging / configuring/accessing your account, or if you wish to cancel/returning the order, you need to contact the company via phone, email, or the customer care number.

By entering this website, you accept all the terms and conditions detailed in this list.

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